Terrorists in many countries have used belts, vests, chest packs and knapsacks filled with explosives and metal shrapnel to kill their enemies, wound and intimidate others, and generally show that they can get through security—often to a high profile target. These devices have been used in Sri Lanka, Israel, Mexico and South America, Chechnya and other former Soviet republics, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan—to name but a few.

Securesearch manufactures a dozen different types of inert training aids representing these different products. Most of them are functional, containing a simulated explosive charge, detonator, power supply, hook-up wiring, arming and firing switches and a whistle or buzzer. Many of the inert detonators used in our devices also containing flashing LED light. The whistle and LED give audible and visual indications of electrical continuity (proof of “detonation”) –a feature of the majority of our other inert training aids too.

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