A boobytrap is a system of detonating an explosive device that depends on the victim to carry out some expected action. It targets the victim by time, place and anticipated activity, often based on surveillance of the target person to determine his or her normal pattern.

Boobytraps can be simple or complex, a single device to kill the victim (sometimes nobody in particular) or a combination of devices with independent power supplies, designed to kill a bomb technician through multiple “anti-handling” devices in the same container. Once they are armed, they are difficult or almost impossible to safely disarm.

The inert training aids built by Securesearch are of both the single and multiple boobytrap types.

Each single one represents a specific operating principle, such as tilting, opening, inverting, application of changes in light intensity or temperature, pressure, pressure release, tension release, etc.

Some boobytraps are completely improvised from “found” materials and components, while are others are based on adaptation of commercial components.

Persons trained on all of our devices will have a through understanding of the various operating principles and their hazards.

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