Many of our customers have training and testing requirements for explosive and IED simulants for “x-ray correct signatures” on their imaging monitors. This means that the simulants that we provide have to show substantially the same image if a live explosive or IED is compared side-by-side with the inert simulant for the same product or item.

As x-ray systems and other detection equipment are constantly changing, our products have to change in response to these newer technologies.

Securesearch, Inc. produces series of x-ray correct inert simulants for such explosives as dynamite, C4, PE4, Semtex-H, Semtex 10, Semtex S1A, DM12 Sprengkorper, water gel, cast TNT, and others such as sheet explosives and detonating cord. Inert simulants for IEDs have to contain other x-ray correct components for batteries, wiring, detonators, initiating systems and the explosive simulants themselves.

Thus they provide excellent, detailed images that are comparable to images of the real, live explosives and devices. We also work with several other specialized manufacturers to have them custom produce certain inert explosive simulants for us that we cannot make on premises.

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