The name “dynamite” was a trade name of the waxed paper cartridged explosive, developed by Alfred Nobel in the 1880s as a way of taming and using very unstable nitroglycerin (“explosive oil“). Nitroglycerin dynamite is still made today on a much smaller scale, and has been replaced by many other types of dynamite or other blasting explosives that are less dangerous to manufacture, store, transport and use in the field. Nitroglycerin has the unfortunate characteristic of leaking from the cartridges and being absorbed through the skin of persons handling it. This causes pounding headaches. Most dynamite made today is refered to as “non-headache“ type substituting most or all of the nitroglycerin with other high explosives and other chemical content.

Securesearch manufactures several types and sizes of inert simulated dynamite cartridges, some with waxed or non-waxed paper wrappers, others with spiral-wound cardboard shells. We can supply wrappers with names and label fonts in several different languages, representing products manufactured in different countries. Some of our inert products represent commercial dynamite, while others represent military dynamite.

A propensity of nitroglycerin dynamite was to “sweat“ or leak, and leave wet, discolored wrappers, often with crystalline deposits on the boxes, wrappers and magazine floor. Old deteriorated dynamite is often found in abandoned mine shafts, old barns, attics, etc., and must be safely disposed of by police specialists. We manufacture an excellent INERT simulated representation of old, deteriorated 50% ditching dynamite, used by instructors all over the world to demonstrate this hazardous material in their training courses. We also make several representations of old boxes of such dynamite, in which this product was sold, transported and stored.

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