The main groups of products the Securesearch, Inc. manufactures comprise inert and simulated improvised explosive device (IED) training aids, and initiating and anti-handling devices for them.

Having produced them for more than 40 years, we have developed a range of products that represent the complete spectrum of IEDs; from the simplest gunpowder-filled pipe bomb or dynamite “straight“ bomb, to some extremely complex, multi-boobytrapped concealed devices that represent a great training challenge to defeat–even to advanced and experienced bomb technicians—we build them all!

As we attend bomb technician training courses, and receive technical information updates from many sources year-around, we keep adding new inert products that represent the latest “terrorist technology“ in IEDs and initiating systems.

However, the older devices are still just as common and as deadly as the newest, most current ones. They are still being used in many terrorist attacks and other criminal acts, and are heavily represented on bomb building websites.

So, we keep making those inert IED training aids too.

The demand for certain items rises and falls, and the latest fashion in IEDs can quickly be replaced by something else. Thus, we tend to custom-manufacture most training aids to the customer’s requirements, rather than trying to make and stock everything.

We do not list all products that we make. If you are looking for a particular inert IED training aid in our vast, almost 1000 page catalog, and cannot find it, please contact us with your requirements. We will review the details and quote you on price and delivery.

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