Water gel explosives have replaced nitroglycerin based explosives like standard dynamite, for many commercial blasting operations. The product is jelly-like, and usually comes in the form of sausage-type plastic casings, (clear or opaque) that have the ends stapled shut. A few types are detonator sensitive, but most require one or more dynamite cartridges or cast TNT boosters to be placed in the borehole column of water gel cartridges.

Securesearch, Inc. manufactures several types of inert water gel explosive simulants. The cartridge and its contents have the same characteristics of the live product. It also produces an x-ray correct signature.

This product can be supplied in personal grooming and health products containers, ideal for training and testing airport security screeners. Among the type of gel-filled containers we offer, are hair gel, shampoos and conditioners, toothpaste tubes, personal lubricant gel, etc.

We can also custom-fill clean and empty containers that customers provide to us, to meet certain aspects of their own security training and testing programs.

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