The armed forces of all countries issue standard sized demolition explosives in block or cylinder form to engineering units. The standard sizes and weights assist in calculating total charge sizes required to destroy bridges, concrete and metal piers, and other structures, based on charge tables and demolition manuals.

The explosives may be cast TNT, pressed flake TNT with wax, TNT with plasticizers, composition PETN and RDX explosives with plasticizers and binders such as C4, PE4 and Semtex, and sheet explosives such as Detasheet and Primasheet.

Many of the standard charges come wrapped in waxed paper or plastic marked and labelled as to charge type, lot number, date and weight.

Securesearch, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of inert products that simulate the various military demolition charges used by a number of different countries, sufficient to represent common types with wide distribution that may be encountered.

Our inert simulants are available in correct wrappers and labels that provide proper designations for each charge. They are custom manufactured and can be purchased either for classroom awareness training or for x-ray imaging training. For bulk quantity purchases (1,000 blocks or more), we can add DMNB taggant.

We can also supply bulk quantities (non-wrapped) inert simulants of most products.

Securesearch, Inc. strives to make inert simulants of military demolition explosives that have the same consistency, density, color, feel and flexibility in handling –and other characteristics necessary for instructors to offer students realistic training.

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