The pipe bomb or pipe IED is one of the oldest types of improvised explosive devices. It was made infamous by George Metesky the “Mad Bomber” of New York City. Between 1940 and 1956, he planted and detonated at least 33 pipe bombs, primarily in movie theaters and lockers; he was finally caught in 1956, was declared insane and spent from then to 1993 in a mental institution, where he died.

Copycats have since made many pipe bombs, using plumbing pipe, gas pipe, and an assortment of plumbing fittings.

The pipes may be black steel, galvanized steel, ABS plastic, PVC plastic, brass, copper or aluminum.

The fittings may be caps, plugs, sleeves and couplings, reducers, nipples, elbows and tees, in any combination.

At Securesearch, Inc. we manufacture a wide variety of inert pipe IED training aids using all of the above materials, pipes and fittings. We produce them with external and internal metal shrapnel, such as ball bearings, screws, nuts and bolts, nails, staples etc.

We fill them with inert charges of simulated dynamite, black powder, match heads, plastic explosives, and ammonium nitrate or cast TNT.

They are initiated by simulated inert safety fuse, detonators, detcord, triggered by time delay devices or boobytrap anti-disturbance mechanisms.

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