An IED can easily be triggered by radio control also called “RC” for short. RC allows for remote detonation without attached command wires. It has the advantage of being instantaneous, and the necessary equipment is all available at relatively low prices from hobby shops and electronics stores.

It is possible to detonate some remote radio-control devices from the other side of the world.

Because these devices have been adapted from hobby model (cars, boats, aircraft) equipment, cell phones, wireless garage door openers, cell phones, wireless doorbells, long range cordless phones, CB radios, and “family“ radios, the military and police in many countries have tried to jam explosive devices built from these products, by means of electronic countermeasures equipment (ECM) or signal “jammers”.

Securesearch manufactures a number of different inert IED training aids, representing many of the above devices. One of them has a delay arming system that attempts to thwart frequency jamming devices.

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