Securesearch manufactures a series of magnetically-attached IEDs based on plastic and steel plumbing pipe and pipe fittings– some of which are waterproof for underwater deployment in training exercises, for detection and removal. Most of the other versions are for attachment under vehicles to steel body or frame structures, or to the gasoline tank if made of steel. Some are linear, directional shaped charges, designed to direct their destructive force primarily inward through steel doors.

Similar devices have been used in drive-by assassinations of judges and other government VIPs in several countries, including Italy and Colombia. Typically, a motorcycle with driver and passenger will pass a vehicle that has slowed or stopped for a traffic light or stop sign. The passenger arms the device during the approach and reaches out and snaps the bottom magnets to the vehicle in passing. The bike driver then speeds away, and a few moments later the device detonates—penetrating the car door, killing the VIP, the driver and bodyguards.

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