Lifetime Warranty

Purchase with the security of knowing that your inert products will last a lifetime.

Securesearch, Inc. warrants that all goods manufactured and shipped by our company are suitable for purposes claimed for an unlimited period, from date of shipment.

In the rare case where a functional item (with mechanical, electrical and electronic parts) stops working as designed, we will replace the non-functioning component at no charge.

Any return shipping, customs clearance, duties or brokerage charges, if applicable will be paid by Securesearch, Inc.

The quality of our products speak for themselves. Since 1970 of the tens of thousands of inert products, inert IEDs, hazardous training aids and related security materials we have manufactured only 6 have ever failed to last a lifetime.

This is why we are the acknowledged world leader in Hazardous Items Training Aids, Inert Products and Inert IEDs.

Call us today at 1-800-452-3130 or email to discuss your inert products and hazardous items training needs — and see why we are the acknowledged world leader in our field.

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