There are hundreds of varieties of commercial high explosives manufactured in countries around the world.

Main charge high explosives are the types used for rock breaking in mines, quarries and on constructions sites, and in roadbed construction.

They consist of products such as ditching dynamite, water gel, slurry and binary explosives, seismic charges, etc.

Securesearch manufactures a number of different inert simulants that look like the live product and have many of their other characteristics as well.

They are ideal for classroom awareness training, EOD exercises, and using the ones we make that are “x-ray correct”—for x-ray imaging training and testing.

Our products come in a variety of wrappers and packaging, to look convincingly like the live product that they represent. They are all clearly marked “INERT” and this can be offered in a number of different languages and letter fonts, for training in different countries.

For police undercover “sting operations” we offer some product without the INERT markings or indicators.

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