Recognizing the possibility of radiological exposure and contamination due to Radiological Dispersion Devices and “dirty bombs”—explosive devices that disperse radioactive materials, Securesearch has now begun marketing personal products to protect against exposure to radiation, and remediate areas and surfaces exposed to radioactive particles.

The protective products include lightweight full body suits with hoods and medical/dental type aprons, with gloves and boots now being developed for first responders

They also include bomb shields and blankets that provide protection against blast, shrapnel fragmentation, radiation and heat—also for first responders

They are made of a fabric that has radiation protective properties and virus protective properties (test results from a number of laboratories are available on request).

Another product line includes gels and wipes that capture radioactive particles on skin and other surfaces and remove them for safe disposal.

To assist bomb technicians and firefighters with heat stress, we also now sell cooling vests to be worn under other protective clothing such as bomb suits.

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