Anti-personnel mines consist of a container (wood, plastic or metal), a detonator, an arming system or device, a firing device and a less substantial charge of high explosive than the amount in an anti-tank mine — but sufficient to kill or severely maim a victim who sets it off, or one who is passing nearby. These mines are frequently designed to act as a boobytrap or victim-initiated device. They generally operate on application of pressure by stepping on a pressure plate, or pulling on a difficult to see tripwire. Some operate on tilt rod release, ground vibrations, nearby sounds, lifting, etc.

Anti-tank mines consist of a container (wood, plastic or metal), a detonator, an arming system or device, a firing device and a substantial charge of high explosive—sufficient to disable or destroy an armored vehicle, generally from below.

A stake mine is a hand grenade type of anti-personnel landmine, firmly attached to a stake or post that is driven into the ground. These devices are triggered by a tripwire or tilt rod or other boobytrap system. They are usually camouflaged in tall grass or bushes, along pathways where the enemy is expected to pass by. The tripwire is almost invisible (such as transparent monofilament fishing line, or green cord that blends in with leaves and tall grass. These mines contain a detonator and high explosive charge.

Securesearch manufactures a stake mine training aid that uses a pyrotechnic device to produce smoke and sound when triggered. We also make cast replicas (non-functional) in metal and plastic representing several other types of stake mines. We have a number of technical posters showing stake mines and their internal construction.

The more than 100 countries that signed the Ottawa treaty banning landmines, determined that they would destroy existing military stockpiles, cease manufacturing them or selling them, and make every possible de-mining effort to unearth and destroy buried mines. De-mining operators need accurate replica representations of actual anti-personnel mines, and information on how they function and their specific hazards.

We have a number of anti-tank and anti-personnel replicas. They are accurate in terms of dimensions, color and weight. Some types are designed to be functional, reactive and indicative, from a trainee and instructor point of view. Buried in the ground in a simulated minefield, they will send a radio signal if disturbed in a way that, if live, would have resulted in a detonation and casualties.

We also offer a series of full-color technical posters and mine awareness publications.

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