Liability Notice

Purchasing our products is at your own risk

Individuals, companies and government agencies at whatever level (federal/national, state/provincial, county/regional and municipal/city) purchase our inert IED and inert training products for use in their training and testing programs,

Securesearch Inc ( manufactures and sells our own range of inert “simulant” products, and we also distribute training aid products made by several other companies. We, and they, have been producing these products for many years, to assist in training and testing personnel on many aspects of hazardous items and materials. The simulated and replica products we sell are certified as being inert and non-hazardous–when used as directed by qualified instructional personnel. If an item may have an element that could pose a minor health or safety risk, we supply a material safety data sheet and detailed warnings.

Our products, and those that we distribute on behalf of other companies, are supplied with an Instructor Guide that describes in detail how the products function, and how they relate to the real, hazardous items that they represent. These instructor guides are custom printed to reasonably match the products shipped in your order, and come with explicit cautions on their use, where necessary, for instructor and student safety. Their contents are based on many years of expertise developed through our own training and acquired field experience. We also follow the guidance of specialist consultants.

Our technical posters, videos, CDs, DVDs and publications represent the best available information at the time they were produced and published. From time to time, as new and significant technical information and/or images become available to us, we update these products, and indicate a revision date, or new copyright date.

Our products are not sold to the general public. They are for a specialized market of qualified users/instructors in the fields of security/protection, detector canine training, law enforcement, forensic investigation (arson, bomb scene), and military training.

No training product, or training aid range, can possibly cover and portray all aspects or hazards of every product; this is particularly so for old items, improvised/homemade items and the vast amount of military ordnance (much of which was experimental, and for which little or no reliable documentation remains)—found in all parts of the world.

We screen requests for quotations and orders, for the suitability of the purchaser to acquire and legitimately use our products—whether they are an individual, corporation or government agency. Purchasers are required to complete and return a Waiver of Liability form and two other documents, prior to first purchase. Many countries have legal restrictions or prohibitions on the purchase, possession and transfer of our products—limiting sale to certain government agencies. Persons considering purchase of our products must first research the laws, statutes and ordinances in their jurisdiction, prior to purchasing. Again, purchasing our products is entirely at your own risk!

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