Electronic Delayed Arming – Radio-Controlled IED



Product Code: ITA-102

Radio Control Device Description:

Electronic delayed arming, radio-controlled IED. This device is a modified command detonation bomb model which can not be detonated at the exact instant the joystick control is operated. The joystick control simply starts an electronic automatic arming sequence. This is a safety feature to prevent (or at least attempt to thwart) electronic countermeasures jamming by a scanning transmitter moving up and down the radio frequency channels. Once the firing sequence has been started by the bomber, the bomb will detonate only after the electronic arming delay has set itself; the delay is variable and is set by us at the factory to the user’s request (typically 8-10 seconds to thwart a sweep by E.C.M. equipment). Transmitter is handheld, portable, with range variable from 1/4 mile to 1 mile. Receiver uses dual servos for redundancy, contains detonator and simulated dynamite or plastic explosive, LED, and whistle.


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