A boobytrap is a device or firing system that remains in a “standby” mode, always ready to trigger a bomb or arson device the moment a target person or vehicle does an expected action. Boobytraps are often referred to as victim-operated devices or victim-initiated devices. This is because the IED is awaiting the victim’s action. It could involve turning on a light, lifting or tilting an object, taking the weight of an attractive item off of an object, raising the temperature, moving by a sensor, talking loudly near an item, x-raying an item, putting the item into water—and many more possible actions.

Such devices are sometimes referred to as “anti-handling devices” if they are designed to be supplementary to a primary method of detonation. For example, a briefcase time bomb could have a time-delay timing device such as a kitchen timer or alarm clock in it; it normally detonates, if untouched after the timer runs down to zero from the pre-set delay time. But it can also have an anti-open, anti-tilt, or anti-lift device (or all of them) to prevent handling, manipulation and possible removal to a safe area for destruction by a bomb technician.

Securesearch offers a wide range of functional improvised boobytrap items that operate as mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical and combination systems and devices. The improvised feature means that the bomber has used largely found or opportunistic components to construct the boobytrap device within an IED or arson device.

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