Security Poster: Foreign Explosives


Poster of Foreign Explosives. Terrorists have ready access to stolen or cached (spoils of war) and black market military explosives in many countries.

This poster shows examples of primarily Russian demolition explosives smuggled to insurgent groups in Africa. The former Soviet Union (FSU) distributed explosives and other weapons to militants, revolutionaries and insurgent groups around the world for almost 50 years, and these explosives are also freely traded on the black market.

It is important that police, security forces and security screeners are trained to recognize these products and their hazards.

Note that all of the posters in this series of 18 are also available in a book of technical descriptions and explanations, written by Patrick Gericke, publisher of the posters. He is a de-mining expert, veteran of both the Rhodesian and South African armed forces and a security expert specializing in terrorist weapons and explosives.


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