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The LAND MINE war in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe produced some interesting information that allowed us to use this intelligence for the benefitting of countering the onslaught. At some stage during this war the terrorists turned to landmines to slow up the counter operations with some success. But the advent of Pookie along with Intelligence gathered soon turned this tide.

So much was gained by simply recording all facts about the blast or mine found that we in the Intelligence Centre were able to use this intelligence constructively.

An example of this was the mine signs that were disseminated to troops in the field.

During the 1980’s South Africa was going through unprecedented terrorist attacks of all varieties of specialist explosive devices such as Limpet Mines, Grenades and all genera of explosive contraptions (Mostly Soviet era) being laid for or thrown at the general public who could not tell an explosive block from a detonator.

In an attempt to make the general populace attentive to the threat I started the research, compilation and printing a range of posters for the benefit of the populace that could be put on general display in all offices, public notice boards and police stations.

My bomb disposal and training activities in the Zimbabwe and then South African Armies enabled me to command full knowledge of all devices being used.

The following charts were the initial range of posters sized 500mm x 700mm.

  • 1. Terrorist Limpet Mines
  • 2. Letter Bombs
  • 3. Foreign Grenades
  • 4. Foreign Explosives
  • 5. Explosive accessories
  • 6. Terrorist Car Bombs
  • 7. Terrorist Bombs and devices
  • 8. Terrorist Weapons 1
  • 9. Terrorist Weapons 2
  • 10. Mortars, Rockets and Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  • 11. Terrorist Anti-Tank Mines
  • 12. Terrorist Anti-Personnel Mines
  • 13. Spoil and Equipment Waste 1
  • 14. Spoil and Equipment Waste 2
  • 15. Semtex H Explosive
  • 16. Terrorist Vehicle Bombs Search Guide
  • 17a. AKM Assault Rifle
  • 17b. AKM Assault Rifle Sectioned Diagram
  • 18. RPG-7 Rocket Propelled Grenade and Launcher

These were soon augmented with a detailed A4 size Booklet being reduced vistas of the above wall posters but had full technical details printed to the rear face of the poster mainly for training purposes.

This was later also supplemented by the introduction of a small pocket booklet of the same poster face with reduced technical data.

After some time these posters and books became very popular worldwide mainly in the USA, Canada and the UK.

These posters and booklets are all available through a Canadian Company Securesearch INC.

In 1996 I worked for the UN (United Nations) as their Regional Programme Manager (Republika SRSPKA) in Bosnia. This was a whole new ball game where most of the mines were produced in the former Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavians were famous for their engineering proficiency to fabricate sophisticated, world class quality mines.

There were no booklets available of a similar nature so along with an associate William Lawrence we produced a booklet for the NATO forces serving with SFOR in Bosnia.

This became the authoritive written reference manual for the mine threat in Bosnia which at that stage was to become the most dangerous threat to the demining activities before Iraq and Afghanistan.

This booklet is available in one size::

  • 8.5 X 11 inches poster book (Full size): Cost $25.00

Sku: TWED-Book - $25.00

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