Security Poster: Automat Kalashnikov Modernized – Sectioned


This line illustration shows in cutaway format all of the internal components of the AKM assault rifle.

This poster is essential reference material, needed to remind security screeners and customs officers about individual parts that may be smuggled onto aircraft or in the mail into countries where these arms are illegal.

For example, on February 4, 2010, Canadian customs officers spotted AKM parts on x-ray images of parcels coming into Canada through the Post, from overseas. The image looked like the package contained assault rifle components, which is what they found when they opened it. When the customs officers and police searched the home of the consignee, they found that he was assembling assault rifles, piece by piece and had other offensive weapons.

Police and customs officers often have no training on firearms components, and this poster of the world’s most common assault rifle helps fill that gap.

Note that all of the posters in this series of 18 are also available in a book of technical descriptions and explanations, written by Patrick Gericke, publisher of the posters. He is a de-mining expert, veteran of both the Rhodesian and South African armed forces and a security expert specializing in terrorist weapons and explosives.

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