Security Poster: UMP-2 Booby Trap Fuze


This security poster illustrates the UMP-2 Booby Trap Fuze. This simple pull fuze is designated as Type 2. The fuze is designed for use with booby trap devices. This security poster features the UMP-2 Booby Trap Fuze’s specifications, a UMP-2 fuze with transit safety, and a sectioned UMP-2 fuze. This security poster also shows illustrations and descriptions on how to prepare the fuze and on setting the fuze in the explosive.

Security Poster: UMP-2 Booby Trap Fuze

Security Poster Order Sku: SDDPM068


This Security Poster of the UMP-2 Booby Trap Fuze shows:

  • A UMP-2 fuze with transit safety.
  • A sectioned UMP-2 fuze.
  • Illustrations and descriptions on how to prepare the fuze.
  • Illustration and descriptions on setting fuze in explosive.
  • The UMP-2 Booby Trap Fuze’s specifications.

The features of this security poster are:

  • We supply the posters in two sizes: 8.3 x 11.7 inches (UK size A4) and 11.7 x 16.5 inches (UK size A3)
  • As standard we supply the posters in a clear protective sleeve
  • As an option the posters can be laminated at extra cost


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