Security Poster: CO2 Charger I.E.D.s


Many youths have experimented with loading explosive powders into steel compressed gas bottles (typically, CO2 chargers). Unfortunately, hundreds have lost their fingers, limbs and eyesight to shrapnel when these devices were being filled. Hundreds of others have been killed by the devices spontaneously detonating during the filling process.

Note that all of the posters in this series of 18 are supported by a book of technical descriptions and explanations, written by Patrick Gericke, publisher of the posters. He is a de-mining expert, veteran of both the Rhodesian and South African armed forces and a security expert specializing in terrorist weapons and explosives.


Security Poster Order Sku: P-ITA-184-1


The features of this security poster are:

  • We supply the posters in two sizes: 8.3 x 11.7 inches (UK size A4) and 11.7 x 16.5 inches (UK size A3)
  • As standard we supply the posters in a clear protective sleeve
  • As an option the posters can be laminated at extra cost
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