Train The Trainer Manual

Train The Trainer Manual

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Explosives Technical Training Description:

Another first from Securesearch, Inc. is the Train-The-Trainer Manual. Available exclusively through Securesearch, Inc and its world-wide sales representatives. The unique Manual covers explosives, components used by terrorists and other criminals in improvised explosive devices, and many other hazardous items such as handguns, ammunition, Tasers™, hand grenades, etc. It is not a book of x-ray images, but of full-color photos of the explosives and components themselves with detailed descriptions. This Manual is extremely useful for bomb technicians, customs officers and military EOD personnel– as well as security screeners operating in mailrooms, at controlled entry points, and in airports checking pre-boarding passengers and their luggage.

Train The Trainer Manual - Explosives Technical Training Manual

Train The Trainer Manual – Explosives Technical Training Manual

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