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Stake Mines—Inert Replicas

A stake mine is a hand grenade type of anti-personnel landmine, firmly attached to a stake or post that is driven into the ground. These devices are triggered by a tripwire or tilt rod or other boobytrap system. They are usually camouflaged in tall grass or bushes, along pathways where the enemy is expected to pass by. The tripwire is almost invisible (such as transparent monofilament fishing line, or green cord that blends in with leaves and tall grass. These mines contain a detonator and high explosive charge.

Securesearch manufactures a stake mine training aid that uses a pyrotechnic device to produce smoke and sound when triggered. We can also make cast replicas (non-functional) in metal and plastic representing several other types of stake mines. We have a number of technical posters showing stake mines and their internal construction.

Stake Mines—Inert Replicas

Order Sku: ITA-120
Hand Grenade Boobytrap. Pull initiated. Comes with length of tripwire & food tin that is securely affixed to a solid object.

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