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Signal Flares; Highway and Railway Fusees—Inert Replicas

Signal flares and fusees are devices that contain a brightly burning pyrotechnic compound used to attract attention. Some are designed to communicate a warning, such as a roadway accident or vehicle breakdown ahead, while others are designed for people in distress to try to signal to rescuers that they need help.

They usually contain chemicals such as magnesium, aluminum, barium nitrate, strontium nitrate, etc., all of which burn with a brilliant flame of different colors. Some are also designed to produce colored smoke.

They come in several different types. Some are placed directly on the ground with a pointed spike or wire stand to hold them upright. Some are launched from special flare guns. Some can be used in standard firearms. Others contain a rocket device for launching, and a small parachute that deploys when the flare reaches its highest elevation—remaining suspended in the air for up to one minute so it can be seen at longer distances.

Securesearch manufactures training aids that look like flares and fusees. Such devices have often been used either in “hoax” IEDs bundled together with a timer to look like a dynamite bomb, (used in bank robberies and airplane hijackings). They have also been used in arson devices to destroy buildings by fire—due to the intense heat and flame they produce for a prolonged period --up to 30 minutes.

Our inert training aid products have the same outer appearance, colored wrapping and text labelling common to such devices.

Signal Flares; Highway and Railway Fusees—Inert Replicas

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Inert Highway Road Flare (Fusee).

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