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Rockets and Launchers—Inert Replicas

A rocket is a projectile that carries the propellant chemical inside of it. The projectile is completely sealed shut, except at the back. When ignited, the propellant rapidly turns from a solid to a gas, emerging under very high pressure through one or more tapered nozzles (“venturis”) at the back end of the projectile. The projectile may have small fins to aid in stabilizing the projectile.

Alternatively, each of the multiple nozzles, arranged in a circle, may be tilted at a slight sideward angle. Fins or tilted nozzles have the same effect: they cause rotation of the projectile around its axis, keeping the point and its fuze facing forward.

Besides the propellant payload --which occupies the rear portion of the steel projectile, the front portion contains a high explosive charge and an impact fuze.

Upon impact the fuze detonates the explosive charge, and the steel body or housing breaks up into multiple fragments or splinters. Some rockets have additional engineered fragmentation in the form of a payload of thousands of “flechettes”. These are tiny finned steel arrows that fly in all directions at the moment of impact and explosion.

These rockets are usually launched from a single tube or from multiple tube rocket launchers that can launch as many as 50 rockets at a time.

Single rockets include MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System) designed to be fired from the ground against enemy aircraft, Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPGs), and Anti-Armor Rockets that are shoulder launched and that have a heavier explosive charge, a longer range and a better guidance system than an RPG.

The items described so far are all military rockets, though they are used by insurgents, terrorists and crime cartels in many countries.

Improvised rockets are also used by terrorists, who may not have access to the military items, but do have simple metal working and fabricating shops, and basic knowledge of rockets and how to build them.

They are commonly used by such groups as Hamas and in the Gaza Strip and South Lebanon, both in the Middle East, and by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam / ”Tamil Tigers”) in Sri Lanka.

Finally there are hobbyists and experimenters who build model rockets for pleasure or simple scientific work, and sometimes decide to try adding an explosive payload with a simple impact or inertia fuze. Model rockets may be fabricated from kits used by regulated hobbyists with purchased rocket bodies and rocket motors (heavy duty cardboard tubes, with a venturi and permitted solid black powder propellant charge).

They may also be totally improvised from metal or plastic plumbing pipe, or other suitable tubular items, including CO2 gas bottles. All components in these rockets are homemade. As a result, they often function instead just like a pipe bomb—detonating near the person filling the propellant or launching it—blinding them blowing off fingers or skin, and sometimes killing them from flying splinters that lacerate a major blood vessel. Securesearch manufactures a range of replica and improvised rockets, and we offer several products from other specialized engineering and replica manufacturers.

Rockets and Launchers—Inert Replicas

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Wood, Metal and Plastic copy of the rocket propelled grenade launcher. Impressive full size Soviet launcher with detachable optical sight, flip up field sights and high explosive rocket (Also available separately). Fluted wood dummy RPG-7 Rocket missile head only 50cms long with stud rear to fit De-activated or film prop launchers. (Will need to be modified to fit certain deactivated versions. Also available: Outstanding full size and complete RPG. With flip out metal fins. Wood body and tail. 34" (86cm) long.

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