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Daisy-Chained Devices

When explosive charges or military ordnance items are spread out over a defined area but linked together in a manner that they will all detonate simultaneously, this linkage is called “daisy-chaining”. Linking is most often accomplished by using detonating cord. Detonating cord (“detcord”) is a type of fuse that has a powdered high explosive core. It may be plastic-covered, or woven textile jacketed. When initiated by a detonator, detonating rapidly detonates along its length. The shock wave travels at a rate of between 7,000- 8,000 meters per second, (21,000 – 24,000 feet per second). Any other high explosive charge that the detonating cord is inserted into or wrapped around, along the way, will also be detonated. The shock wave’s travelling speed is so rapid, that essentially all attached explosive charges detonate simultaneously.

By attaching a series of buried demolition blocks, land mines, mortar rounds or artillery projectiles along a roadside with a length of detcord that joins them all, the terrorist or insurgent knows that he can destroy a number of vehicles in a passing convoy, simultaneously, when he initiates the detonator.

For Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance and Disposal (EOR/EOD) operations training instructors, Securesearch, Inc. offers detcord daisy-chained replica hand grenades, landmines, mortar rounds, demolition blocks, rockets and artillery projectiles. These training aids can be used indoors for awareness training or buried outdoors for realistic operational training exercises. Daisy-chained items can be purchased in any quantity, and in any mix or combination for variety and challenge in your instruction.

Daisy-Chained Devices

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Inert Detonation cord (Primacord or Cordtex) assorted brands, colors, finishes available. Sold in 12 inch (30cm) lengths.

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