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CO2 Initiated Blast Simulators

Several companies manufacture a range of blast simulation devices. They represent pipe bombs, hand grenades, land mines, car bombs, artillery projectiles, mortar rounds and suicide vests and belts.

We do not make these products but we can special order them for our customers. Some manufacturers use a few of our improvised initiating systems, boobytraps and firing devices to trigger the release of the compressed Carbon Dioxide gas, shattering a burster disk contained in their simulation training aid. The burster disk can also have a charge of inert white powder behind it, and when it bursts under pressure, the gas disperses the powder in a “cloud of smoke”.

CO2 Initiated Blast Simulators

CO2 CHARGER I.E.D.s - Laminated Poster
Order Sku: P-ITA-184-1 Gloss-Laminated
Many youths have experimented with loading explosive powders into steel compressed gas bottles (typically, CO2 chargers). Unfortunately, hundreds have lost their fingers, limbs and eyesight to shrapnel when these devices were being filled. Hundreds of others have been killed by the devices spontaneously detonating during the filling process. This product is in stock and ships within 3 to 7 days of you confirming our quote.

PRICE SHOWN IS FOR A GLOSS-LAMINATED FINISH. MATTE-LAMINATED FINISH IS AVAILABLE FOR $55.00 - To specify a Matte-Laminated finish select "Product Details" and choose Matte-Laminated from the product options field.

Price: $45.00