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CO2 Charger IEDs

Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is sold in compressed form in steel bottles of various dimensions. In the smallest sizes, they are often called “chargers” or “powerlets”.

The bottles are miniature versions of larger industrial compressed gas bottles, with long narrow bodies, tapering to a shoulder and narrower neck, and topped off by a metal disk crimped into the bottle “mouth” to seal in the gas.

They are commonly used in pellet guns, soda water bottles, beer dispensers, portable and fixed fire extinguishing systems, lifejackets, paintball guns, portable “air” signalling horns, “dust-off” sprayers for computer keyboards, etc. In normal use, they are inserted into an appliance holder specially made for them, and containing a device that pierces the sealing disk to release the compressed gas.

Chargers or powerlets have been used for many years to build small IEDs.

Teenaged boys are among the most frequent builders of these devices. They empty out the CO2 gas charge by piercing the sealing disk with a pointed object like a screw or nail. They pry out the sealing disk to enlarge the mouth of the bottle, so they can pour in some type of propellant powder to make a small “rocket” or some powdered explosive to make a small IED. Often they use match heads cut by the hundreds from paper matches or wood “strike-anywhere” matches.

Sometimes they ram the powder in with a metal rod or nail to compress the charge and increase the capacity of the device. They want a louder bang or a rocket that travels higher.

The usual but unexpected result is the device detonates in their hands from metal-to-metal friction on the chemical mixture. Fingers and hands get blown off, eyes get blinded and occasionally the teenagers are killed by these small but deadly bombs.

The devices are commonly initiated either with a burning fuse, a flashlight bulb filament or model rocket igniter.

Securesearch builds several types of display boards with replicas of these devices. Some are cut-away down their length, and contain glued-in simulants of explosives, propellants and igniters.

CO2 Charger IEDs

Order Sku: ITA-184
Mounted on a small display board. Both cartridges have improvised use. One is cutaway to reveal black gunpowder charge inside, or alternatively, match heads. When ordering please specify the filler required.

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Order Sku: ITA-184A
Mounted on a small display board. The same as item ITA184 above, but with a variety of cutaway powerlets with different fillers.

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CO2 CHARGER I.E.D.s - Laminated Poster
Order Sku: P-ITA-184-1 Gloss-Laminated
Many youths have experimented with loading explosive powders into steel compressed gas bottles (typically, CO2 chargers). Unfortunately, hundreds have lost their fingers, limbs and eyesight to shrapnel when these devices were being filled. Hundreds of others have been killed by the devices spontaneously detonating during the filling process. This product is in stock and ships within 3 to 7 days of you confirming our quote.

PRICE SHOWN IS FOR A GLOSS-LAMINATED FINISH. MATTE-LAMINATED FINISH IS AVAILABLE FOR $55.00 - To specify a Matte-Laminated finish select "Product Details" and choose Matte-Laminated from the product options field.

Price: $45.00