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Cell Phone Guns, Inert

There have been several types of firearms released to the commercial market that are based on cell phone housings and keyboards. The devices look outwardly like a rather bulky cellphone from the late 1990s. Their keyboard design is not standard, but this is only apparent up close examination. Some of these devices are multi-barrelled and hold up to four cartridges and some have only a single barrel, capable of firing one shot.

They are inaccurate, short-range weapons, with no sights, and awkward to aim and fire. However, they are deadly at close range.

Their appearance could lead security officers to give them a cursory inspection, overlooking the fact they are not cell phones at all, but firearms—and hand them back without much more thought.

Securesearch manufactures several models that are not functional, but have sufficient internal mechanical components—and inert ammunition, to provide an excellent x-ray signature. Outwardly, the training aids look like cell phones, but on x-ray, they are obviously firearms. Our inert devices cannot not fire live ammunition, and do not need to registered or licensed in most countries.

They are essential for x-ray imaging training of security screeners in airports, courthouses and other government buildings.

Cell Phone Guns, Inert

Cellphone Gun, .22RF with Single Barrel and Inert Ammunition - X-Ray Training Aid. Request a quote for this custom tailored product. We can use any model or make of cellphone and design this product to train your screeners to detect ths kind of concealed weapon. Train your security personnel properly by using the "real product". It includes our best price guarantee.

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