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Bomb Disposal Tool: Pipe Bomb Remote De-Capper

Securesearch, Inc. has developed a pipe bomb disposal tool.

This motorized de-capping tool, is designed to remotely uncap threaded pipe caps from steel and plastic pipe bombs. It can be loaded and operated by a remote mobile investigator (“robot vehicle”), or directly by a bomb technician.

Bomb Disposal Tool: Pipe Bomb Remote De-Capper

Order Sku: PBD97816573
This machine is designed to be operated remotely by a person pressing a foot pedal switch, or by a robot vehicle pressing the switch while the operator watches on CCTV.

The machine can be approached by the robot vehicle with the pipe IED and be inserted into the rotatable motorized jaws.

The robot vehicle carries a slotted template for measuring the diameter of the pipe / pipe cap. Each slot has a dimensional marking.

The fixed jaw on the de-capper is then adjusted according to the measured dimension of the end cap on the externally threaded pipe, or the end plug screwed into internally threaded pipe fittings.

The robot vehicle then drops the pre-adjusted fixed jaw onto the cap or end plug, and the jaw locks onto it.

The motor is turned on remotely and the rotating jaws turn the pipe IED body, and after 3-5 rotations, the body separates from the cap or plug.

The robot can reverse the process, removing the IED and inserting the other end. The second cap or plug can also be remotely removed, if required. Otherwise, the robot can just invert the pipe body, setting it vertically and shaking out the contents onto the ground.

Note that the rotating jaw section is heavy steel and is vented out the back of the machine, so in the event that the IED detonates, the remaining plug or cap will launch in a pre-determined safe direction.

This machine can de-cap plastic or steel pipe IEDs with threaded round end caps, or end plugs having a square or hexagonal wrench stud.

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Price: $8500.00