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Audio Cassette Devices

Improvised explosive devices have been built into audio cassette tape cases and into the audiocassettes themselves, and used in murders.

While tape cassette players are declining due to their replacement by CDs and DVDs, there are still hundreds of millions in use, and people have large collections of tapes spanning about 30 years. So assassination devices built into them still have their place.

Our inert IED training aids offer a demonstration of small but functional IEDs with an innocuous appearance and that are often not subject to any search efforts on the part of security.

They are essential in training exercises and security test scenarios, to show why even commonplace small items must be checked for explosives.

Audio Cassette Devices

Order Sku: ITA-164
Cassette tape. Audio tape designed to initiate inside tape player when “play”, “fast forward” or “rewind” models are set. All items installed in a clear cassette tape.

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