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Artillery Projectiles and Their Fuzes

Securesearch offers a limited range of inert replica artillery projectiles. Some are machined from hardwood or metal, others are cast metal, some are machined from solid plastic rods, and others are cast from plastic resins.

They are painted, color anodized or dyed through, to replicate the normal colors of the live items used by several countries. They also bear proper identifying markings.

Some of the projectiles have threaded fuze wells and threaded replica fuze housings. This feature offers instructors the opportunity to insert explosive simulants (inert), detonators, and detcord, to daisy chain or boobytrap them, providing essential realism to training scenarios.

Artillery Projectiles and Their Fuzes

Replica 155mm Artillery Projectile - Cast Aluminum Inert Training Aid
Order Sku: ITA-538
This inert, cast aluminum replica artillery projectile is useful in a variety of training scenarios, such as thermal imaging training, EOD training, Detection-reaction training, booby trapping countermeasures training, and night vision training.

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