Securesearch inert products, security training aids and inert IEDs are known by users as being of the highest quality and reliability and all include a lifetime warranty. Our security training products are in a category of their own.

We pride ourselves in the realism, but even more so in the technical accuracy of our products. We know that people’s lives –and those whose lives they are sworn to protect– depend on it. We take this matter very seriously.

We are repeatedly told that our inert training products—many purchased in the 1970s, 1980s– and since, are still in use in the classroom. They have stood up to constant handling by instructors and students. We have had only 6 items returned to us for repair or replacement, in 4 decades! This attention to quality and detail is why we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.

Since 1970 Securesearch Inc., inert products, inert IEDs and hazardous items training aids have remained the very best in the world. Our inert products are authentic in every detail, as we replicate to the greatest extent possible, the original products’ characteristics — including the same weight, feel, design and appearance in order to provide proper training.

We have refused to downgrade our products to cheap materials or plastics, because as instructors ourselves, we know the importance of correct training of personnel. People’s lives depend on proper training and our products are designed to exceed the needs of instructors. Yet all our products are available at competitive and affordable pricing.

Our improvised explosive devices are realistic, can be non-functional –or functional, if required. They are designed to meet a variety of applications from classroom training, to bomb squads to aide-memoire, to continually reinforce the training previously done.

All our inert products, including inert small ordnance items, inert ammunition and inert IEDs are screener-ready, as they are designed for correct x-ray imaging.

As the acknowledged world leader in hazardous items training aids, inert products and inert IEDs, we understand the importance of providing quality and realism in every item we manufacture.

Lifetime Warranty

All goods manufactured and shipped by Securesearch, Inc., come with a lifetime warranty. We warrant that our products are suitable for purposes claimed for an unlimited period from date of shipment. In the rare case where a dunctional item (with mechanical, electrical and electronic parts) stops working as designed, we will replace the non-functioning component at no charge. As well any returned shipping cost you may incur will be paid by Securesearch, Inc.

The Acknowledged World Leader in Hazardous Items Training Aids, Inert Products, Inert IEDs

Call us today at 1-800-452-3130 or email to discuss your inert products and hazardous items training needs — and see why we are the acknowledged world leader in our field.

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