Pyrotechnic Blast Simulators > SWAT Pyro Stake Mine Boobytrap



Product Code: ITA-534

Pyrotechnic Blast Simulator Description:

The device illustrated is a scaled-up replica of a very common hand grenade, cast in solid but durable plastic. We make it in a number of versions, some with delay electronic fuzes and some with instantaneous fuzes. The device shown here is a SWAT training stake mine, based on our SWAT pyro hand grenade adapted and mounted onto a plastic, metal or wood stake that is driven into the ground. Some versions are fixed, (non-adjustable orientation, discharging only downward, while others are rotatable to allow downward discharge, upward discharge and horizontal discharge of the pyrotechnic unit. While some versions of the grenade are made with a separate metal safety lever typical of most hand grenades, the stake mine version has no safety lever.

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