Security Poster: Terrorist Weapons 1


Terrorists use a wide variety of weapons. This poster and the next one show examples of terrorist weapons that have been used and are in current use in many parts of the world.

Among the most commonly used and widely distributed are the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles (AK-47 & AKM ) used by all of the countries in the former Soviet Union.

Soviet pistols and rifle grenades have also been widely sold around the world and have fallen into the hands of insurgent groups through theft and barter. Several terrorist rogue states have also provided these weapons directly to insurgent groups in large quantities.

This poster provides awareness and recognition recall for anti-terrorism forces.

Note that all of the posters in this series of 18 are also available in a book of technical descriptions and explanations, written by Patrick Gericke, publisher of the posters. He is a de-mining expert, veteran of both the Rhodesian and South African armed forces and a security expert specializing in terrorist weapons and explosives.


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