Black Powder Microtrace Marker Pen for K9 Training

Black Powder (Potassium Nitrate & powdered charcoal) Microtrace Marker Pen - metal pen reservoir for scent detection dog training

Order Sku: EP-BPPC-M

This BLACK POWDER (Potassium Nitrate & powdered charcoal) microtrace marker pen is designed for scent detection dog training. This Microtrace Marker is in stock and available for prompt delivery.

This Ammonium Nitrate microtrace marker pen is in wide use by security agencies throughout the world and has been used for scent detection dog training by security professionals for more than a decade.



K9 Training Marker Pens Storage Cases

Also available to store these extract marker pens are two lockable cases. As our extract microtrace markers last for a considerable amount of use we recommend storing them in a case. It is available in metal or plastic.

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