In India on Sept 26 2012 freelance journalist, Chaitali Santa was killed when she opened a package containing a parcel bomb.

The report was filed by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Proper training including how to spot a suspicious package can reduce the incidents of IED explosions, killings and property damage.

Improvised Explosive Devices Are Deadly

Chaitali Santra had contributed to the Delhi-based weekly Julm se Jan. She opened the parcel which triggered the IED (improvised explosive device) killing her instantly and critically injuring her husband. The force of the IED (improvised explosive device) blew Santra out a window, slamming her against a wall. Santra reported on crime and had been a long time advocate against domestic violence. India remains 12th on the Committee To Protect Journalists list of nations who have failed to bring the killers of journalists to justice.

Most people are unaware of the destructive and deadly force of Improvised Explosive Devices such as parcel bombs. Three persons were arrested on Oct 4 for their alleged involvement in crafting and delivering the parcel bomb to her home.

Parcel Bomb IED killed journalist Chaitali Santra

Police Inspect The Site of The Parcel Bomb IED that killed journalist Chaitali Santra in Howrah, India

Parcel Bomb Training Helps To Prevent Loss Of Life and Property Damage

Securesearch Inc., is the world’s leading authority on anti-terrorism and hazardous items training aids since 1970. Most people believe that anti-terrorism and hazardous items training is only for police, military, fire or security personnel but they are wrong. Letter bombs and parcel bombs or Improvised Explosive Devices are an every day occurrence around the world. Proper training can not only prevent loss of life but can also protect fellow employees and property. Securesearch Inc., provides a wide variety of inert products and inert improvised explosive devices for security training of everything from vehicle bombs to letter bombs and parcel bombs. Training saves lives. Even simple things like learning how to spot a suspicious parcel can save lives and millions of dollars in damage.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your security training needs.

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