Securesearch was the first commercial company in the world to formulate explosive simulants, and design and build a wide range of Inert Security Products, Inert IEDS, Hazardous Items Aids and Switching Systems.

Securesearch Inc. is — and has been from day one –an innovator and original product development company.

Securesearch pioneered a great deal of research in the field of training aids in recognition of explosives which was then (late 1960’s and early 70’s) an unknown area for law enforcement, security and the broader military outside of the restricted EOD community.
We have custom-developed many unusual and extremely complex and challenging products, for a host of government agencies.
Just to illustrate, following are a few product lines that we at Securesearch originally developed and first introduced on the market:

■ Starting in 1975 we began to develop a range of more than 60 display boards with inert explosive simulants and IED components mounted on them. Many of them are now matched with full-color poster images; they were developed by us in response to requirements by some government training agencies that needed the same material as the display boards but in a less expensive, easier to store and transport format.
Many Securesearch inert explosive and IED display boards have functional components and circuitry that can be demonstrated in the classroom by the instructor. So they are not just static displays.

■ Securesearch was tasked by a federal government agency with developing and delivering the first national standard aviation security training and test kit in the world. For the first time, this standardized the training and testing of airport security screeners across the country, using a uniform set of test items, allowing them to be certified to work in any airport in the nation.

■ Over the years we have created numerous specialized training kits.

■ Securesearch developed a range of unique marker pens. They contain microtraces of live explosives used for detector canine training, and for testing explosive detection instrumentation.

We developed a similar product line of drug simulant marker pens.

We are now approaching 40 different formulations.

■ We have produced numerous video training programs, available in DVD format in ntsc, pal, secam, in English, French and Arabic.

■ Securesearch developed the first firearm look-alike inert training aids that provide a detailed x-ray “signature”. They contain many internal components.

■ Securesearch created a reference manual of life-sized x-ray images of IED components, explosives samples, firearms, radio-control devices, hand grenades, military boobytraps, letter IEDs and military demolition firing devices. The manual has detailed descriptions and matching full color photos of the objects.

This material was later developed into both video and DVD presentations on x-ray image identification and interpretation, for bomb technicians and security personnel.

■ Securesearch developed these unique products: electronically-fuzed pyrotechnic grenades & land mine training aids, and several pyrotechnic suicide vest & belt training aids.

■ Securesearch developed and introduced a radiological dispersion device (“dirty bomb”) training aid… another first, exceptional product for training first responders.

■ Securesearch developed and full body scan X-ray tested several styles of body cavity-insertable, functional IED training aids, that are remotely-initiated by a cell phone incoming signal.

■ Securesearch published a 253-page X-ray Screener Trainer manual. It is packed with illustrations of many hazardous items—including exploded and cutaway views. It went into its second revised edition.

■ Our product development is ongoing…

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