Heroes of Capiz turn over IEDs to Military

In Capiz, Philippines, farmers and local citizens who have uncovered a variety of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) have been called heroes by the local military commander. These ordinary citizens have uncovered various IEDs that are potential dangerous and have been used by local rebels. On March 11 2012 a 6 year old girl was killed and her sister injured when an IED exploded in her village of Barangay, Philippines. Rebels within the region use landmines including claymore mines to kill and maim Government soldiers. By using landmines in populated areas the rebels have placed the local citizens at risk.

Major General Jose Mabanta, commander of the third infantry division, called the local citizens who alerted the military, “heroes of their community”. He credited them with saving lives of both their community members and soldiers. He labeled their actions as “invaluable” in the removal of IEDs in the area.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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These images of a claymore mine and an IED discovered by local citizens are courtesy of the 3rd infantry division.