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Product Code: ITA-176-M34

Grenade Description:

M34 White Phosphorous Smoke Grenade Replica

Securesearch, Inc. manufactures a replica US M34 White Phosphorous smoke grenade.

This grenade was developed as an improvement over the US M15 grenade that had a cylindrical steel body with a flat base. The M34 body is slightly lighter in weight with a grooved surface, which burst more readily. It contains approximately the same amount of filler, while increasing the effective radius by about 25%.

The M34 body has with a grooved and tapered base, allowing it to be fired from a rifle grenade adapter. The increased bursting radius was now greater than the typical throwing distance, endangering the thrower if there was no local cover, so projection from a grenade launcher is a safety advantage.

There are two variations of the color code. The earlier light gray body had yellow markings, and the later NATO standard model has a light green body with a yellow band & red lettering. The Securesearch replica version uses the current NATO color code.

This inert solid cast plastic model is supplied with an inert complete M206A2 fuze and inert delay/burster train.
PRICE – $245.00

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