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Securesearch inert training products and aids are known by users in our industry as being of the highest quality and reliability available. They are in a category of their own.

We pride ourselves in the realism, but even more so in the technical accuracy of our products. We know that people’s lives --and those whose lives they are sworn to protect-- depend on it. We take this matter very seriously.

We are repeatedly told that our inert training products—many purchased in the 1970s, 1980s--  and since, are still in use in the classroom. They have stood up to constant handling by instructors and students. We have had only 6 items returned to us for repair or replacement, in 4 decades! 

Securesearch is -- and has been from day one --an innovator and original product development company.
Securesearch Inc. was the first commercial company in the world to formulate inert explosive simulants, and design and build a range of inert IED products and switching systems.

Securesearch pioneered a great deal of research in the field of training aids in recognition of explosives which was then (late 1960's and early 70's) an unknown area for law enforcement, security and the broader military outside of the restricted EOD community.
We have custom-developed many unusual and extremely complex and challenging products, for a host of government agencies.
Just to illustrate, following are a few product lines that we at Securesearch originally developed and first introduced on the market:

■ Starting in 1975 we began to develop a range of more than 60 display boards with inert explosive simulants and IED components mounted on them. Many of them are now matched with full-color poster images; they were developed by us in response to requirements by some government training agencies that needed the same material as the display boards but in a less expensive, easier to store and transport format.
Many Securesearch inert explosive and IED display boards have functional components and circuitry that can be demonstrated in the classroom by the instructor. So they are not just static displays.

■ Securesearch was tasked by a federal government agency with developing and delivering the first national standard aviation security training and test kit in the world. For the first time, this standardized the training and testing of airport security screeners across the country, using a uniform set of test items, allowing them to be certified to work in any airport in the nation.

■ Over the years we have created numerous specialized training kits.

■ Securesearch developed a range of unique marker pens. They contain microtraces of live explosives used for detector canine training, and for testing explosive detection instrumentation.

We developed a similar product line of drug simulant marker pens.
We are now approaching 40 different formulations.

■ We have produced numerous video training programs, available in DVD format in ntsc, pal, secam, in English, French and Arabic.

■ Securesearch developed the first firearm look-alike inert training aids that provide a detailed x-ray “signature”. They contain many internal components.

■ Securesearch created a reference manual of life-sized x-ray images of IED components, explosives samples, firearms, radio-control devices, hand grenades, military boobytraps, letter IEDs and military demolition firing devices. The manual has detailed descriptions and matching full color photos of the objects.

This material was later developed into both video and DVD presentations on x-ray image identification and interpretation, for bomb technicians and security personnel.

■ Securesearch developed these unique products: electronically-fuzed pyrotechnic grenades & land mine training aids, and several pyrotechnic suicide vest & belt training aids.

■ Securesearch developed and introduced a radiological dispersion device (“dirty bomb”) training aid… another first, exceptional product for training first responders.

■ Securesearch developed and full body scan X-ray tested several styles of body cavity-insertable, functional IED training aids, that are remotely-initiated by a cell phone incoming signal.

■ Securesearch published a 253-page X-ray Screener Trainer manual. It is packed with illustrations of many hazardous items—including exploded and cutaway views. It went into its second revised edition.

■ Our product development is ongoing…


Securesearch Inc. and its instructors have trained more than 10,000 people.

With our technical resources, including bomb technicians, senior scientific, electronic and engineering support, we are a respected provider of information for government agencies who regularly consult with us.

The founder and President of Securesearch, Inc. has been an instructor, trainer and consultant in the explosives, x-ray imaging, IED and firearms fields since 1969. He is a regular contributor of technical articles to professional journals for law enforcement, forensic investigation, bomb technicians, the military and security.

He has authored and published several books and technical reference manuals on x-ray imaging of IEDs and prohibited items, IED components and explosives, and Vehicle-Borne IEDs. He has lectured in the USA, Canada and abroad.

Securesearch owns and maintains a large technical  reference library on explosives, military ordnance dating from the 1860s to the present, IEDs, firearms and ammunition. It includes many military manuals, journal articles, books in different languages and from various eras, as well as numerous technical photos. We use our library as an authoritative source, both for our own product development and also for dependable accuracy in providing information taught during our training courses.


1.Securesearch, Inc. warrants that all goods produced and shipped by our company are suitable for purposes claimed for an unlimited period, from date of shipment.  

2. In the rare case where a functional item (with mechanical, electrical and electronic parts) stops working as designed, we will replace the non-functioning component at no charge. 

3. Any return shipping will be paid by Securesearch Inc.


We sell our products in the USA, Canada and around the globe. Our customer list attests to the trust that end-users have for our products. This list is not an endorsement. Here are just a few of our satisfied customers: 

US Army, Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity, Hertford, North Carolina
U.S. Treasury Department
U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF)
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
U.S. Army (numerous military bases within the USA and overseas)
U.S. Navy (numerous bases) including 40 Marine Corps bases
U.S. Air Force (numerous bases within the USA and overseas)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
U.S. Bureau of Prisons
U.S. Veterans Administration
U.S. Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Transportation Security Agency (TSA)
New York City Police, New York, NY
Chicago Police, Chicago, IL
North Carolina Department of Justice
International Studio Services (movie props company)
Warner Brothers Studios
Fiskars Group/ Gerber Legendary Blades Quality Control Lab
Bechtel Corporation
City of Annapolis, Maryland Fire Marshall’s Office
County of Alameda, California, Sheriff’s Department
United States Postal Inspection Service
Pennsylvania State Police
American Science & Engineering, Inc.
Safe Passage International, Inc.
Snyder County, Pennsylvania, Emergency Management Agency
U.S. Department of State, Office of Diplomatic Security
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre, Glynco, Georgia
City of Laredo, Texas, Police Department
U.S. General Services Administration
City of Amarillo, Texas, Police Department
Village of Argentia, Illinois, Police Department
Kansas Air national Guard
Delaware Community College
Militech International, LLC
University of New Mexico, Emergency Management Training Centre, Socorro, NM
Clay County Public health Department, Liberty, Missouri
Acal Security, Kingwood, Texas
Wackenhut Security Corp. Palm Beach, Florida
Nassau County, NY Police Department
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Police Dept.
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Virginia Department of Transportation
Los Angeles County, CA., Sheriff’s Department
Frontier Airlines
Kansas State Fire Marshall’s Office
General Electric Corporation/ Ion Track Div.
Collier County Sheriff’s Dept., Naples, Florida
Reveal Imaging Technologies, Bedford, MA.
Wichita Kansas, Police Dept.
Raytheon Company
University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
Kinepak Corporation, Texas
Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Fredericksburg, Virginia
E.A.I. Corporation, Abingdon, Maryland
Pulau Electronics Inc., Orlando, Florida
Sweetster & Associates, Richmond, California
Eli Lilly Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cooper Nuclear Station, Brownville, Nebraska
Nebraska Air National Guard, Lincoln, Nebraska
Sandia National Laboratories, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
Miami / Dade Fire Department, Miami, Florida
Virginia Beach Police Department, Virginia Beach, Virginia
City of Cleveland, Ohio, Police Department
Visa International, Inc. Foster City, California
Arizona Army National Guard, Phoenix, Arizona
Louisiana State Police Academy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Pocatello Police Department, Pocatello, Idaho
U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Ochoa International, LLC, Yorba Linda, California
Irving Fire Department, Irving, Texas
New York Power Authority—Security, Lewiston, New York
Pharmacia Corporation, Skokie, Illinois
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Ohio
Glenbrook Technologies, Inc. Randolph, New Jersey
Ferndale Fire Department, Ferndale, Michigan
Ocean City Fire Department, Ocean City, Maryland
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, Wheaton, Illinois
Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Stuart, Florida
U.S. Bureau of Land Reclamation. Denver, Colorado
Las Vegas Fire/Rescue Department, Las Vegas, Nevada
U.S. Marshal’s Service, Albuquerque, New Mexico
St. Charles Police Department/Special Emergency Training Services Div.,Saginaw, Michigan
United States Embassies (Athens, Greece; Oslo, Norway)
Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tallahassee, Florida
Tri-State Police Training, Westover, West Virginia
Executive Security Group, Davenport, Iowa
Boston Police Department, Boston, MA
U.S. Park Police, New York, NY
Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado
U.S. Naval Construction Training Center, Port Hueneme, California
City of Lima, Police Department, Lima, Ohio
Port of Seattle Security Department, Seattle, Washington
Harris Bank, Winter Garden, Florida
Erie County Health Department, Erie, Pennsylvania
Flint Police Department, Flint, Michigan
U.S. Air National Guard, Otis Air National Guard Base, Delaware
City of Bakersfield Police Department, Bakersfield, California
Asheville Police Department, Asheville, North Carolina
Montgomery Police Department, Montgomery, Alabama
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Punta Gorda, Florida
Pacific Grove Police Department, Pacific Grove, California
Sparta Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama
Hammond Police Department, Hammond, Indiana
Atlantic Health System, Morristown, New Jersey
Dominion Semiconductor Corp., Manassas, Virginia
Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Dept., Cleveland, Ohio
Advent Environmental Corp., Tampa, Florida
Explosive Response Training Centre, Marina, California
U.S. National Imaging & Mapping Agency, Bethesda, Maryland
DeKalb County Public Safety Department, Lithonia, Georgia
Grand Rapids Police Department, Grand Rapids, Michigan
City of Roanoke Police Dept., Roanoke, Virginia
Lee County Port Authority, Fort Meyers, Florida
Carolina Power & Light Corp., Raleigh, North Carolina
Mutual Air Ambulance Service, Greensburgh, Pennsylvania
International Society of Explosive Engineers, Cleveland, Ohio
Telecheck Security, Houston, Texas
Battelle Ordnance Systems & Technology Dept., Columbus, Ohio
Riverside Police Department, Riverside, California
Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, Macon, Georgia
Johnson City Police Department, Johnson City, Tennessee
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Key West, Florida
State of New York, Dept. of State, Montour Falls, NY
First American Health care, Inc., Brunswick, Georgia
Consolidated Edison Corp., New York, NY
City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Min-X-ray Inc., Northbrook, Illinois
Golden Engineering, Inc., Centerville, Indiana
Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles, California
University of California Police Department, Berkeley, California
Hubbard Farms, Inc., Walpole, New Hampshire
Bausch & Lomb Corp., Rochester, New York
Shelan County Sheriff’s Dept., Wenatchee, Washington
City of Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina
North Carolina Justice Academy, Salemburg, North Carolina
Duke Power Company, Charlotte, North Carolina
U.S. Department of Energy/E.G.& G. Idaho National Labs
Connecticut State Police Academy, Meriden, Connecticut
Pantego Police Department, Pantego, Texas
State of Minnesota, Minnesota Correctional Facility, Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.
Arkansas State Police, Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Brattleboro Police Department, Brattleboro, Vermont
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Protection Specialists International, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Dane County Sheriff’s Office, Madison, Wisconsin
Salt Lake City Fire Department, Salt Lake City, Utah
City of Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa, Oklahoma
City of Ontario, California
Jefferson County Police, Louisville, Kentucky
Stockton Police Dept., Stockton, California
St. Paul Police Department, St. Paul, Minnesota
Otis Elevators, Thomaston, Connecticut
Mobil Oil Corporation, Chalmette, Louisiana
Georgia Power Company, Atlanta, Georgia
Allied Signal, Kansas City Division, Kansas City, Kansas
Essex County Sheriff’s Office, Newark, New Jersey
Fairfax County Police, Annandale, Virginia
Honolulu Police Department, Honolulu, Hawaii
Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, New Jersey
California State Fire Marshal, Sacramento, California
U.S. Dept. Of Defence, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama
Washington Public Power System, Richland, Washington
San Francisco Airport, San Francisco, California
Portland General Electric Corporation, Portland, Oregon
Protective Materials, inc., Miami Lakes, Florida
Latter Day Saints Church, Salt lake City, Utah
Presidential Airways, Washington, D.C.
American Airlines, Chicago, Illinois
Lebanon, Oregon Fire District, Lebanon, Oregon
Yankee Atomic Electric Corporation, Bolton, Massachusetts
Baltimore Gas & Electric Corp., Baltimore, Maryland
Wyoming State Crime Laboratory, Cheyenne, Wyoming
New Jersey State Prosecutor’s Office, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Chesterfield Fire Department, Chesterfield, Virginia
Shaker Heights Police Department, Shaker Heights, Ohio
U.S. Capitol Police, Washington, DC
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Police, Jamaica, New York
Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Marion Merrill Dow, Kansas City, Missouri
Birmingham Police Department, Birmingham, Alabama
Ada County Sheriff’s Department, Boise, Idaho
Niagara County Sheriff’s Office. Lockport, New York
Syracuse Police Department, Syracuse, New York
20+ feature film and TV program production companies
United Nations Office in Ivory Coast
United Nations Office in Guinea-Bissau
US Department of Homeland Security, various local offices
US Transportation Security Administration (25+ US airports and local administration offices)
US Federal Protective Service (64 locations)
Nippon Express USA, Des plaines, Illinois
UPS Airlines, Louisville, Kentucky
Battelle, Atlantic City Operations, NJ
National Institutes of Health (NIOSH), Spokane, Washington
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
US Air Force, Ft. Dix, New Jersey
United States Secret Service (USSS) Technical Security Division
New Mexico Tech /EMRTC, Socorro, New Mexico
US Department of Energy, Morgantown, West Virginia
A-T Solutions, Inc.
The Whitestone Group, Columbus, Ohio
US Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
US Marine Corps, 29 Palms Marine Base, California
Sunkera Technologies, Longmount, Colorado
US Navy, EOD School, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
City of Parkersburg Fire Department, Parkersburg, West Virginia
City of Roanoke Police Department, Roanoke, Virginia
Virginia Air National Guard
Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico
Lombard Fire Department, Lombard, Illinois
St. Johns County Sheriff Office, St. Augustine, Florida
US Dept. of State, US Consulate, Khartoum
Boca Raton Police Dept., Boca Raton, Florida
Aviation Security Group, Inc., Miami, Florida
US Army Corps of Engineers, Brooklyn, New York
US Naval Warfare Center, Weapons Division, China Lake, California
City of Owensboro, Police dept., Owensboro, Kentucky
General Electric Homeland Protection, Wilmington, Massachusetts
US Center For Domestic Preparedness Anniston, Alabama
Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office, Kansas City, Kansas
US Navy, King’s Bay, Georgia
Central Intelligence Agency, McLean, Virginia
Raytheon Missile Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, California
US Navy, Naval Space Warfare Center, San Diego, California
US Air Force, Travis Air Force Base, California
US Navy, Naval Construction Training Center, Port Hueneme, California
Wackenhut Security Services/ US Dept. of Energy, Albuquerque, New Mexico
DTE Energy, Detroit, Michigan
US Navy, Naval Construction Training Unit, China Lake, California
US Naval Diving and Salvage training Center, Panama City, Florida
Cooper Nuclear station, Brownville, Nebraska
Florida Power/Progress Power, Raleigh, North Carolina
Nebraska Air National Guard, Lincoln, Nebraska


Ontario Legislature - Security
Ontario Hydro - Security
Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
Public Guardian & Trustee Office)
Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General
(Ontario Provincial Police)
Department of National Defence:
CFB Borden, ON., CFB Petawawa, ON., CFB Trenton, CFB Edmonton, AB., CFB
Gagetown, NB; CFB Calgary, AB; CFB Dundurn, Sask., CFB Valcartier, QC.,
CFB Cold Lake Alberta, Fleet Diving Unit Pacific,Victoria, BC, CFB Halifax, NS,
CFB Esquimault, Victoria, BC
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (various locations across Canada, including SPTAC)
Dept. of External Affairs (Diplomatic/Embassy Security), Ottawa, Ontario
Senate of Canada – Protective Security services, Ottawa, Ontario
Parliament of Canada – Security, Ottawa, Ontario
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Ottawa
Ontario Power Generation – Pickering & Darlington Nuclear Generating Stations
Imperial Oil Limited – Security Management; Mail Screening Ops, Toronto
IMASCO, Montreal, Quebec
Ivaco Steel Mills, Hawkesbury, ON
Toronto Police Service, Toronto, Ontario
Halton Regional Police, Oakville, Ontario
Niagara Regional Police
Ports Canada – National Ports Security Service, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada Post Corporation—Security, Toronto
Transport Canada - Airports Policing & Security, Ottawa
Transport Canada - Security & Emergency Preparedness Branch, Ottawa
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), Ottawa -Learning & Performance Group/ Equipment Analysis Group
Haldimand-Norfolk Regional Police
Sudbury Regional Police, Sudbury, Ontario
IBM Canada, Toronto
Celestica Inc. Toronto
Canada Customs / Canada Border Services Agency, various locations
Ontario Ministry of Finance HQ, Toronto
Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services HQ, Toronto
York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON
Peel Regional Police, Mississauga, ON
SEC-PRO / National Criminal Investigation Service, Montreal (Now owned by GARDA Security Group)
Legislature of British Columbia- Security, Victoria, BC
Canadian Police College, Ottawa
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, Downsview, ON
Windsor City Police Service, Windsor, Ontario
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario
Durham Regional Police Service, Oshawa, Ontario
Winner’s Apparel, Mississauga, Ontario
Government of Alberta—Justice Dept., Calgary, Alberta
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario
Dow Chemical Canada, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta
B.C. Ferries Corp., Victoria, British Columbia
MacMillan Bloedel Limited, Port Alberni, BC
CN Railway Police, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pinkertons of Quebec, Inc., Montreal, Quebec
Med-Eng Systems, Ottawa, Ontario
Terra Aerospace, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario
Gryphon Engineering, Inc., Orleans, Ontario
Ontario Security Contracts Ltd., Pickering, Ontario
Ontario Provincial Police Academy, Brampton, Ontario; & Orillia, Ontario
Corrigan Instrumentation, Ltd., Georgetown, Ontario
Warner Bros. Distributing (Canada) Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario
Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario
Burns International Security Service, Toronto, Ontario
Intercon Security, Toronto, Ontario
Seagram’s, Lascelles, Quebec
Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police, Hamilton, Ontario
Domtar, Inc., Montreal, Quebec
Canadian Association of Explosives Technicians, Ottawa, Ontario
Saskatchewan Telecommunications, Regina, Saskatchewan
Humber College, Weston, Ontario
Lambton College, Sarnia, Ontario
Edmonton Fire Department Hazmat Operations, Edmonton, Alberta
Crusader Canine, Cochrane, Alberta
Olympus Security & Investigation, Brampton, Ontario,
Calgary Police Service, Calgary, Alberta
K9 Scope, Vancouver, BC
Natural Resources Canada, Explosives Regulatory Branch, Ottawa, Ontario
Optosecurity, Inc., Quebec City, Quebec
ICOR technology, Ottawa, Ontario
Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Consultech Emergency Preparedness Strategies, Abbotsford, BC
Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee, Min. of the Solicitor General, Toronto, Ontario


Armed Forces of Norway
Printz Mauritz/ TNO Labs, Holland
Defence Evaluation & Research Agency, England
Australian Federal Police
Royal Australian Air Force
Malaysian Civil Aviation Training College/Airport Authority
Singapore Airlines
Australian Embassy, Washington, DC
Swedish National Police Academy
Nigerian National Police
M& Z Corporation BHD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Gulf Transac Corporation, Ltd., England
Australian Protective Service
Kuwait Defence Forces
ARAMCO Oil Inc., Saudi Arabia
Bancomer, Mexico City, Mexico
Indian Police Service, Madhuban, India
Haryana State Forensic Sciences Laboratory, Haryana, India
South African Embassy, Toronto, Ontario
Belgian Embassy, Washington, DC
Commercial & Industrial Security Corp., Singapore
French Customs Service (37 locations)
Philippines National Police
French National Police
Dutch National Police Academy, Holland
Drugs & Explosives Search Association, United Kingdom
Arabian Safety & Security Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Philippine Air Force
State of Qatar
Sri Lankan Air Force
Manila Police, Manila, Philippines
Nichimen Aviation Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
Police Service of Northern Ireland
EUROTUNNEL/The Channel Tunnel Group, United Kingdom
Japanese Ground Defense Force
Japanese Police Forensic Services
Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares, (Mexican National Airport Authority)
Qatar Petroleum Corporation
North Atlantic College of Technology (Aviation Security Div.) Doha, Qatar
Worthing Secured Services Inc., St. George, Barbados
ICTS, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland
Police Service of Ireland
PRONET Security, Istanbul, Turkey
Denel/Naschem, South Africa


Securesearch inert training products and aids are known by users in our industry as being of the highest quality and reliability available. They are in a category of their own. We pride ourselves in the realism, but even more so in the technical accuracy of our products. We know that people’s lives --and those whose lives they are sworn to protect-- depend on more 

Securesearch Inc. was the first commercial company in the world to formulate inert explosive simulants, and design and build a range of inert IED products and switching more

Securesearch Inc. and its instructors have  trained more than 10,000 people. With our technical resources, including bomb technicians, senior scientific, electronic and engineering support, we are a respected provider of information for government agencies who regularly consult with more

Securesearch, Inc. warrants that all goods produced and shipped by our company are suitable for purposes claimed for an unlimited period, from date of more

We sell our products in the USA, Canada and around the globe. Our customer list attests to the trust that end-users have for our products. Here are just a few of our satisfied more



People's Lives Have Depended On The Realism, Accuracy and Quality Of Our Inert Security Training Products Since 1970

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