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Copyright Securesearch, Inc. © 1970  


All Securesearch, Inc. intellectual property, including: registered trademarks, products, industrial designs, photos on this website,  and our training aid instructor’s guides, technical reference and training publications, technical posters, video programs, slide/tape programs, CD/DVD programs, and photos used in corporate advertising, are protected by copyright and trademarks and must not be copied, except with our prior written permission.   


Our permission, (which must be granted prior to use), may authorize products to be copied for a specific application only, on a one-time basis, and granted at our discretion.  Technical posters, publications and inert training aids, that are manufactured by other companies, and purchased and sold by Securesearch, Inc., require permission to copy be granted by those manufacturers, producers and publishers, prior to use.


Securesearch, Inc. has worldwide sole distribution rights from Security Awareness & Promotions CC (South Africa), for posters and publications produced by Patrick Gericke.


Persons and corporations found violating copyright of any of the above items, are subject to civil penalties, including damages, injunction and legal costs, and possible criminal prosecution for violation of copyright, trademark infringement and counterfeiting of industrial designs and in some countries, to criminal prosecution for violation of laws on copyright, trademark infringement and counterfeiting of industrial designs. 


Purchasers of our products do so, on the express understanding and agreement, that the products are protected by copyright, trademark and industrial design legislation, and are purchased for their own use and are not to be copied. 

Products purchased from Securesearch, Inc. and from our authorized sales representatives, are sold on the understanding that they are not to be used in or for any competitive business transactions, including price quotes, production or sales, that will be in competition with Securesearch, Inc.





Securesearch inert training products and aids are known by users in our industry as being of the highest quality and reliability available. They are in a category of their own. We pride ourselves in the realism, but even more so in the technical accuracy of our products. We know that people’s lives --and those whose lives they are sworn to protect-- depend on more 

Securesearch Inc. was the first commercial company in the world to formulate inert explosive simulants, and design and build a range of inert IED products and switching more

Securesearch Inc. and its instructors have  trained more than 10,000 people. With our technical resources, including bomb technicians, senior scientific, electronic and engineering support, we are a respected provider of information for government agencies who regularly consult with more

Securesearch, Inc. warrants that all goods produced and shipped by our company are suitable for purposes claimed for an unlimited period, from date of more

We sell our products in the USA, Canada and around the globe. Our customer list attests to the trust that end-users have for our products. Here are just a few of our satisfied more



People's Lives Have Depended On The Realism, Accuracy and Quality Of Our Inert Security Training Products Since 1970

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