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Indicating Fuse Arming Systems > Indicating Fuse IED

INDICATING FUSE IED   Product Code: ITA-128 Indicating Fuse Arming System Description: Indicating fuse IED. Initiated by operation of indicating fuse plunger. Plunger pops out when the circuit it is inserted into overheats or shorts out. The force of the moving plunger can be used to close a second circuit, firing a device. This version […]

Indicating Fuse Arming Systems > Clockwork Indicating Fuse

CLOCKWORK INDICATING FUSE   Product Code: ITA-92 Indicating Fuse Arming System Description: Clockwork indicating fuse, an indicating fuse is a power limited device which cuts the flow of electricity when overloaded. It contains a spring loaded pin which pops out when the fuse “blows”. This fuse will trigger the detonator (see ITA-128 & ITA-129). Works […]