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Product Code:   ITA-174-1

Inert Semtex H Block For Visual Recognition - type 1 simulated Semtex-H demolition block. This represents one of the primary Soviet Bloc plastic explosive charges. It is orangey-brown, with correct label in blue. Has shrink-wrapped plastic seal, with outer waxed paper wrapper. For display only. Made from molded modeling clay with special dyes. Inner part is filled with plastic foam block to provide accurate weight. Correct dimensions.

Product Code:   ITA-526-S1A-Bulk-XR

Inert Semtex S1A Simulant High Nitrogen Content For X-Ray.

Bulk Packaged In Re-sealable Container.

Priced Per pound.

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SEMTEX® is a registered trade name for a group of industrial mining and blasting explosives with plastic (mouldable) qualities. Semtex was developed and manufactured by the Explosia Division of the Synthesia Corporation, in Parubice, Semtin, the Czech Republic (formerly western Czechoslovakia).

It was developed in the 1950s with several variations produced through the end of the twentieth century, and is still made. However, its production makes up less than about 1% of the total other explosives production made by Explosia.

Securesearch, Inc. manufactures several inert simulants that replicate the characteristics and colors of different types of Semtex (Semtex-H, Semtex S1A and Semtex 10—each being a different color.) These inert products have x-ray correct characteristics for screener training and testing.


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