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Product Code:   ITA-120

Hand Grenade Boobytrap.

Pull initiated. Comes with length of tripwire & food tin that is securely affixed to a solid object.

Product Code:   ITA-512

Inert reproduction of Soviet/Communist Chinese F1 UZRG

Handgrenade fuze. This is a look alike version, made by us. Non-functional but complete, for recognition use.

Product Code:   ITA-176-M34  M34 White Phosphorous Smoke Grenade Replica

M34 White Phosphorous Smoke Grenade ReplicaDescription:
M34 White Phosphorous Smoke Grenade Replica
Securesearch, Inc. manufactures a replica US M34 White Phosphorous smoke grenade.
This grenade was developed as an improvement over the US M15 grenade that had a cylindrical steel body with a flat base. The M34 body is slightly lighter in weight with a grooved surface, which burst more readily. It contains approximately the same amount of filler, while increasing the effective radius by about 25%.
The M34 body has with a grooved and tapered base, allowing it to be fired from a rifle grenade adapter. The increased bursting radius was now greater than the typical throwing distance, endangering the thrower if there was no local cover, so projection from a grenade launcher is a safety advantage.
There are two variations of the color code. The earlier light gray body had yellow markings, and the later NATO standard model has a light green body with a yellow band & red lettering. The Securesearch replica version uses the current NATO color code.
This inert solid cast plastic model is supplied with an inert complete M206A2 fuze and inert delay/burster train.
PRICE - $245.00

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Grenades are small explosive devices, used by the military in both offensive and defensive tactics. Most of the older types had cast iron or sheet metal bodies, with external or internal serrations. Many countries now use cast plastic types having hundreds, or even thousands of small steel balls or squares. Most grenades are hand thrown, have a safety release mechanism and time delay fuze, allowing for travel in flight, but not enough time for the target person to pick it up and throw it back. These grenades have a high explosive charge-- usually cast or pressed TNT.

Some types of grenades have a pyrotechnic burning charge; they generate colored smoke, screening smoke, irritating gas, or produce a high temperature output to cause fires or destroy steel objects.

Securesearch offers a variety of replica obsolete and current hand grenades. Some are solid-cast replicas. Others are designed with accurate internal materials that represent high explosive filler, fuze components, detonator and steel shrapnel, for x-ray imaging.

We also offer some inert replica grenades in cutaway form, to display all the internal components and how they are configured. They are essential for training bomb technicians and x-ray screeners.

While most grenades are hand thrown, there are others that are projected from accessory launching devices attached to rifles, or from purpose-built, stand-alone grenade launchers. Some are designed with a parachute feature that deploys and stabilizes the grenade, so it drops point downward onto the roof of an armored vehicle. These grenades contain a shaped charge, capable of armor penetration.


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