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BINARY EXPLOSIVES (Kinepak, Kinepouch,
Slurry, Texpak –PLE, FIXOR, DamBuster)

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Kine - Fixor Binary Inert Explosives

Binary explosives by definition are two-component sets of chemicals, which individually are non-explosive. Individually, the components are not regulated in many countries by the explosives regulatory authorities.  The components may also be shipped by common carrier or by courier, in many countries, with no special licensing.

When combined, however, one product sensitizes the other, resulting in the combination becoming a “cap-sensitive” explosive that can be initiated by a detonator attached to the outside of the container, or inserted into it.

This product showcases several examples of North American brands of binary explosives made by different manufacturers: FIXOR, SLURRY EXPLOSIVES, KINEPAK/KINEPOUCH / KINESTIK, TANNERITE, TEXPAK and  DAMBUSTER.



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Binary explosives are comprised of two non-explosive materials (liquids, granules, prills or powders) that separately (in two different containers) are not explosive and can be shipped safely (often without regulation).

However when they are combined in a single container and allowed to stand for a short time (ranging from 30 seconds to 15 or 20 minutes), they become a dangerous high explosive.

These are commercial blasting agents, sold in kits of two separate containers.

 Securesearch offers several inert versions of binary explosives and their commercial containers.


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