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Product Code: ITA-1-AL-ST

Airport Security Item Description:

Non-electric detonators usually take the form of an ignition-based “primary” high explosive. They are the “spark plug” of the firing train for high explosives. While non-electric detonators are mainly used in commercial blasting operations, military operations still use non-electric detonators as well. This form of detonator is most commonly initiated using safety fuse, and the detonator is used in non time-critical detonations, such as Conventional Munitions Disposal. Anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, hand grenades, military boobytrap devices, artillery projectiles, mortar rounds, submunitions, are just some of the explosives that use non-electric detonators. Because these non-electric detonators can be used in a variety of explosives, they are widely distributed in both military and civilian circles.

Securesearch Inc’s inert product is x-ray correct, making it an essential training aid for millimeter wave detection, screen training, x-ray detection, recognition training, and classroom awareness. We provide an x-ray correct inert explosive simulant filler with this aluminum shell, non-electric detonator.
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